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What it is Internet Wealth Code?

How to Make money on the Internet?
Apply The Internet Wealth Code and you will see at least you will get some , The Code is 1 , 2, 3 or STEP 1, 2, 3
You need apply this code if you want making money on the net
Below it is explanation what code all about
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Here Some Free Info that i gather while i am online since 2007 , How, Where , What and When the Internet Wealth Code to Apply

STEP 3.1 - Visitor/ Traffic/ Visit your site ( Promote your Blog with Blog Walking)

What is Blog Walking? when search at wiki and i found noting( correct me if i wrong), in my view "Blog Walking" is a visiting blog to blog activity and i found is a part of link exchange or get traffic to your blog , Sound a little bit spamming but i see is a fun activity to read other members blog , mostly using shout box chat is a best thing to blog walking, Just post a chat and you see a chain reaction happen , more visitor participate to post to your shout box.

Most blog walker like to use a greeting word like Blog walking,Give you a smile,Hi There? visiting your blog , Have a nice day, nice blog, good blog, and mostly a good greeting word. The best thing in shout box, in your nickname or username your post have a link redirect to your site when someone click your nickname or username

How to Blog Walking??
1. Install a shout box chat at or other - keyword search is free shout box
2. Put html code to your blog or web page
3, Edit Your shout box if you want - size, font color and etc
4. Start posting a post to other blog that have shout box
4. Chain reaction of visitor is start
5, Please don't spamming

Example Below - Hope will help part of promote your blog

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