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What it is Internet Wealth Code?

How to Make money on the Internet?
Apply The Internet Wealth Code and you will see at least you will get some , The Code is 1 , 2, 3 or STEP 1, 2, 3
You need apply this code if you want making money on the net
Below it is explanation what code all about
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Here Some Free Info that i gather while i am online since 2007 , How, Where , What and When the Internet Wealth Code to Apply


You can create thousand of products such as E book, Article, Hobbles, Spot,Art,Game and etc
But if You want making a online cash products what you need is a Paid Programs as Advertisement Programs, Affiliate Programs and Referral programs

Advertisement Programs

1. Google Adsense

Google adsense is well know Search Engine company, Because of their popularity Many Individuals or Company advertise with them and the result is Google give some cash for us to promote their advertisement they called paid for click , is mean you get cash when someone click your Google's ads on your blog
Example of Google Adsense

How to Create a Google Adsense?
  • Valid Email - ( Create Your Email)
  • Valid Personal Detail ( Google send Your cash Check)
  • English Website or Blog ( Create Form Step 1)
Register your Google adsense Account here CREATE GOOGLE ADSENSE ACCOUNT
After that Create your HTML code for Google ads and place the code into your blog or website
Example of Html Code

Example of Adsense in Blog

* Your Google ads will display related to your website contain, Example your website or blog about gaming so your google ads will appear about games

Most searching contain ( keyword)
1. Game
2. Home Bushiness such as making online cash, Affiliate, Marketing, Forex
3. Free D
4. Music such as Mp3 download, Ringtones and music player
5. Humor

6. website advertisement
7. Free Information such as computer hardware, software, Antivirus, spyware
8. About Free Cash online

More Adsense Tips
Adsense Section Targeting helps to increase adsense revenue
If you have huge amount of content based on different niche, and you want to show the ads which are relevan only to one section I’m sure that you have to try Section targeting.

We know that when you place your ads on your website (ex: Homepage), the ads would be rotated with relevancy to any of the informations/content on the page you placed in the ads, but if you are interested in showing ads which are just relevant to the first paragraph of your articles or just the content area you need to implement section targeting.

How to Implement Section Targeting ?

Look at the examples below:

But make sure if you target a very small area of the content of the website, maybe you will not get paid for the ads IF there aren’t much advertisers for this niche as you can call the ads then a PSA (Public service ads).. So you have to be careful while you’re targeting your ads to any section of your website.

Maybe you would say that I better leave the ads rotated with relevancy to the whole content of the page so I can earn more, I’d like to tell you that when you use the section targeting you can show up many different ads niches in 1 page, so every visitor is interested in a niche so you can earn more clicks and you know it means more money :D

Google Adsense payment method
1. By Check
2. By Western Union
For more information CLICK HERE
Payment will active when your account reached minimum $10 usd , and will be issued when reached $100usd, make sure follow your payment instruction in payment method section in your Google ads account

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This is most importing thing when you want to show, promote and tell someone on the net about your thing ,You need WEBSITE,BLOG,WORDPRESS and etc is a key point you to do or create
Thousand of "FREE" website hosting or blog that you can register , The simple way is creating a blog such as blogspot ,wordpress and etc ,Blog type website is very popular now day
Here The Simple URL

What You Need
1. Valid Email
2. Valid Address
3. Good Username and Password (alphabet+number- min 6 character )

* Follow the registration 1nstruction how to create your blog

* For more informations please contact me via email

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