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What it is Internet Wealth Code?

How to Make money on the Internet?
Apply The Internet Wealth Code and you will see at least you will get some , The Code is 1 , 2, 3 or STEP 1, 2, 3
You need apply this code if you want making money on the net
Below it is explanation what code all about
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Here Some Free Info that i gather while i am online since 2007 , How, Where , What and When the Internet Wealth Code to Apply

STEP 2.2- Online Products ( Earn Free Cash with Your Searching Hompage @Homepages Friends Ltd

Greeting Blog members.

Earn money while you search!!! Can you imagine being paid by a trusted Search Engine while surfing. Yes, it is true. Homepages Friends pays you for searching the internet the way you normally do everyday. The difference is that you get paid round about $0.04 for every search you make. You can earn more money if you refer others. Homepages Friends is a trusted site as they have signed a contract with Yahoo for three years. I believe that Yahoo signs contracts with reliable sites. Registration is FREE and start earning immediately.

My earning proof

Click to Enlarge
Free Image Hosting at

Click to Enlarge
Free Image Hosting at

How to join?

You can join this program trough this link (normal link)
( my referral link, most appreciate if join under me)

Step by step of registration below - hope it will help

Note - Click the pictures to enlarge

Step 1
Free Image Hosting at

Step 2
Free Image Hosting at

Step 3
Free Image Hosting at

Step 4.1 - Setting Homepage using FireFox
Free Image Hosting at

Step 4.2 - Setting Homepage using Internet Explorer
Free Image Hosting at

Step 5
Free Image Hosting at

Step 6
Free Image Hosting at

Step 7
Free Image Hosting at

Step 8
Free Image Hosting at

Step 9 - Finished
Free Image Hosting at

After registration let share your earning picture with me and my members, Good Luck

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STEP 3.5 - Get Visitor Using You Tube and Metacafe

Don't you know?

After you uploaded your video in Youtube, immediately public can view it, why not, you using a Youtube method to promote your blog link?


It is very simple , Just capture your blog photo or capture a movie about your blog and upload it

Top Raking Video Hosting

In Video description section remember put your blog link first after that your video description , because in this method you can see your blog link appear first

Use a tag description in single word not with comma
Funny video cash and free affiliate crazy video sexy webcam bla bla bla........etc
this tag will become your keyword for public to search it , use as many you want (( for Youtube)

For Metacafe just put your desire keyword

Example of mine ( in picture)

Click to enlarge
Free Image Hosting at

Example of mine ( in You Tube video )

Example of mine ( in metacafe video )

Internet Wealth Code - For more amazing video clips, click here

Now what you do just wait someone to view your video , edit the comment , that all it is very simple

What software use to making video capture?
just search in Google - keyword is Snagitt, Camtasia , Video Capture software or go to to find a free or shareware

Good Luck

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STEP 3.3 - Get Visitor ( More Traffic with Social Media Bookmarking)

What is Social Media?
Social media are primarily Internet- and mobile-based tools for sharing and discussing information among human beings. The term most often refers to activities that integrate technology, telecommunications and social interaction, and the construction of words, pictures, videos and audio. This interaction, and the manner in which information is presented, depends on the varied perspectives and "building" of shared meaning among communities, as people share their stories and experiences. Businesses also refer to social media as user-generated content consumer-generated media. - Source form WIKI

Social media can take many different forms, including Internet forums, weblogs, wikis, podcasts, pictures and video. Technologies include: blogs, picture-sharing, vlogs, wall-postings, email, instant messaging, music-sharing, crowdsourcing, and voice over IP, to name a few. Examples of social media applications are Google Groups (reference, social networking), Wikipedia (reference), MySpace (social networking), Facebook (social networking), Youmeo (social network aggregation), (personal music), YouTube (social networking and video sharing), Avatars United (social networking), Second Life (virtual reality), Flickr (photo sharing), Twitter (social networking and microblogging), Tenporium (social polling and consumer product reviews) and other microblogs such as Jaiku and Pownce. Many of these social media services can be integrated via social network aggregation platforms like Mybloglog and Plaxo.

How I get Visitor to visit my blog using social media?
You must join or register first , then submit your blog profile , write a comment , post a article, join the groups, take part of discussion and etc , Make people know about you

Tips - Make sure put your Profile photo for overwhelming welcome

Here some of popular social media that i gather in list - Hope it will help

Top Media Site

Num Website Alexa Category

1. 3 Videos
2. 39 Images
3. 127 General
4. 143 Videos
5. 380 Cool Content
6. 440 Blogging
7. 538 Articles
8. 784 Internet / Blogs
9. 1,096 General
10. 1,140 News
11. 1,970 General
12. 2,028 Entertainment
13. 2,242 General
14. 2,252 Blogging
15. 2,577 General
16. 2,741 Shopping
17. 3,026 Internet
18. 3,040 Entertainment
19. 3,214 Tutorials
20. 3,851 General
21. 3,856 Tech
22. 3,898 Social Action
23. 4,229 Internet
24. 5,227 General
25. 5,368 Persian Digg Site
26. 5,529 Internet
27. 5,907 News
28. 6,014 Entertainment
29. 6,771 Real Estate
30. 7,354 Internet
31. 7,453 Videos
32. 7,885 Web Design
33. 7,984 Internet
34. 8,155 News
35. 8,535 News
36. 8,596 Linux
37. 9,600 Fashion
38. 9,642 Web Design & Development
39. 10,033 Articles
40. 10,466 Sports
41. 10,625 General
42. 10,693 General
43. 13,182 Deals
44. 14,058 Graphics and Web Design
45. 14,858 Cars
46. 15,202 Open Source news
47. 15,914 Web Design
48. 20,536 General
49. 20,562 Web Design & Development
50. 21,349 Videos
51. 22,136 Internet Marketing
52. 24,325 Internet
53. 24,619 Celebrities
54. 25,788 World
55. 25,900 General
56. 26,893 Academic
57. 27,335 News
58. 27,505 Internet
59. 27,908 Internet
60. 30,120 Graphics and Web Design
61. 30,959 Automatic Digg like
62. 31,196 Graphics and 3D
63. 31,893 News Culture
64. 33,172 General
65. 34,800 Shopping
66. 35,475 General
67. 36,035 Internet
68. 37,039 General
69. 37,897 Internet / Blogs
70. 38,068 News
71. 38,415 Business & Work
72. 45,916 Teens
73. 46,204 Graphics nad Design
74. 46,365 News
75. 52,927 Internet
76. 53,389 Internet
77. 55,256 Internet
78. 55,968 Flash Design
79. 59,282 General
80. 59,410 Internet
81. 65,464 Articles
82. 70,335 Internet Marketing and Business
83. 71,263 General
84. 81,860 Internet
85. 89,147 Lists
86. 91,019 Internet / Blogs
87. 94,104 General
88. 102,801 Publications
89. 104,842 Lifestyle
90. 106,745 Internet
91. 106,940 Web 2.0
92. 115,488 General
93. 128,516 Internet
94. 132,234 Internet Marketing
95. 134,123 General
96. 136,480 General
97. 136,615 Internet
98. 148,571 General
99. 151,710 Web Design & Development
100. 169,060 General
Source form -

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STEP 2.2- Online Products ( Make money with Bidvertiser - pay per click Advertisers

What is Bidvertiser?

Bidvertiser is not like Adsense. Bidvertiser will world good on niche sites, sites that are focused on a single topic. Reason behind popularity of Bidvertiser has been it's low payout of $10.
I like some features of this ads network, which sometimes make me choose it over Adsense. Here are 3 such features am talking about:
1.You can choose which ads to appear, simply don’t approve the low paying ads, and then all you will be left with is high paying ads. This means more money per click.
2.It pays by Paypal. This is a huge benefit, there are other ways to receive payments also.
3.The minimum payout is pretty less.

How to Join?

1. Register your Bidvertiser at Bidvertiser Registration Under Publisher Section
2. Add Your blog or website url to active your Bidvertiser HTML Code
3. Choose Your ads code template
4. Copy the HTML code your to blog or website layout
5. Start Promoting

Example below
Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Good Luck - Hope it will help
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STEP 3.2 - Get Visitor - List of add url/submit url websites - Part 2

You can submit your Blog URL to this listing websites - Good Luck Free
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STEP 3.2 - Get Visitor - List of add url/submit url websites

Here some add URL website that i grater for a while - Hope can help to boost your blog to SEO ( search engine optimizer)
Why to submit your blog link or URL to the website directory?
1. To increase your page range
2. Create your backlink ( more backlink more boost your blog link/URL

This is a free submit website

info - your submitted maybe take up to 1 month to approved , will because it is free mates

You Can Submit link in this directory network:-

*more update coming soon , stay tune
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STEP 3.1 - Visitor/ Traffic/ Visit your site ( Promote your Blog with Blog Walking)

What is Blog Walking? when search at wiki and i found noting( correct me if i wrong), in my view "Blog Walking" is a visiting blog to blog activity and i found is a part of link exchange or get traffic to your blog , Sound a little bit spamming but i see is a fun activity to read other members blog , mostly using shout box chat is a best thing to blog walking, Just post a chat and you see a chain reaction happen , more visitor participate to post to your shout box.

Most blog walker like to use a greeting word like Blog walking,Give you a smile,Hi There? visiting your blog , Have a nice day, nice blog, good blog, and mostly a good greeting word. The best thing in shout box, in your nickname or username your post have a link redirect to your site when someone click your nickname or username

How to Blog Walking??
1. Install a shout box chat at or other - keyword search is free shout box
2. Put html code to your blog or web page
3, Edit Your shout box if you want - size, font color and etc
4. Start posting a post to other blog that have shout box
4. Chain reaction of visitor is start
5, Please don't spamming

Example Below - Hope will help part of promote your blog

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STEP 2.1- Make Money With ClickBank Publisher

2.1 Make Money With ClickBank Publisher
Like and other large internet merchants, ClickBank has a network of tens of thousands of affiliates who promote our products. If you have arrived at this page is it likely that you experienced a problem with one of these affiliates. Please follow the instructions below to resolve your complain
The best thing is clikcbank now open thier service to asian members suc
h as Malaysia and Indonesia
How to make money with clickbank affiliate and publisher?
1. Open account with clickbank at
2. Make sure you have valid address and valid email
3. Go to "marketplace section" and select your products interest

4. Create Your hoplink
5. Promote Your hoplink ( using step 1)

Example to create hoplink
Free Image Hosting at

Click image to enlarge

Hoplink look like this

your clikbak hoplink look like this >>

when someone click your hoplink promotion it's redirect to your commission client web page
and look like this >>
when someone buy or join your promotion link you will get the commission

Tips and trick
You can use picture,banner or anything to promote you link , make it attractive for someone to click your link
* this method will be discussion in Step 3 - Visitor/website/blog promotion

Payment Method
1. By Check - send to your postal address

How to Promote a Clickbank Product?

1. Promote Your Hoplink trough email
2. Using 3rd party Clikbank ads programs - your clickbank promote product will appear Like Google Adsense
1st - you must register free acount with clikbankads - Register Here
2nd - See the Picture Instaruction below
Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Hope it will help you to promote your clikcbank hoplink

You also can use banner or image to promote your link , image or 125X125 banner is the best way
You can create 125X125 Banner here Banner Maker Button

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STEP 3 - Visitor/ Traffic/ Visit your site

Most importing this is How to Get Free Traffic and Visitor to my site?

Your site is mean noting if other don't know about your site , so most importing this is get the visitor to visit your site
Here a couple of tips just to share - hope will help

1. Using popular search engine such as Google and Yahoo to file a Blog submitter/add URL website - keyword search is " submit blog Free ", will will see thousand of website give that service ( remember good submitter website not only in 1st page of your search )

2. Ping your Link to most popular site- keyword is Ping my blog, Ping my site, Ping URL , Ping website

3. Submit your rss feed - keyword is submit my rss , free submit rss, Free submit feed , add feed website

4. Using free advertisement website -keyword search is free ads, free advertisement website, free to promote and something like that * for Malaysian, Indonesian, Brunei and Singapore - keyword is free iklan, iklan percuma, iklan gratis, Iklan free * In my experience your URL intermediately will appear in most popular search engine such as Yahoo and Google

3. Using Forum and post your article in that forum* make sure follow the forum rules or your will be ban because of spamming- keyword search is making money forum, online cash forum , cash forum or something like that

5. Using back link , is mean post your URL in popular blog that have comment appear but be careful don't spam it , the trick is - after give your comment make sure put you back link/URL
and better use HTML code
example like this -

6. Using "ADD URL" website, is mean your submit your link to website directory that have free add URL - keyword search is add URL free, submit my site free , free submit URL, free submit site

7. Using URL submitter software - keyword search is URL submitter software ,tips = The software is paying software , but major software give your trial period so using the trial period to submit your URL as much as you like - most URL submitter software give you 3000 to 5000 ADD URL website and you can submit automatically or manually ( this software give you the shortcut)

8. Using Blog Discussing such as Blogcatalog, Bloglog , myspace, friendster or something like that

9. Join the Yahoo answer or Google answer - post your blog link to answer the related question

10. Email your friends about your blog

* i will update all website and link to submit your blog or site for free in categorize that i gather while i am on the net - up date soon, stay tune
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