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What it is Internet Wealth Code?

How to Make money on the Internet?
Apply The Internet Wealth Code and you will see at least you will get some , The Code is 1 , 2, 3 or STEP 1, 2, 3
You need apply this code if you want making money on the net
Below it is explanation what code all about
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Here Some Free Info that i gather while i am online since 2007 , How, Where , What and When the Internet Wealth Code to Apply

STEP 3.5 - Get Visitor Using You Tube and Metacafe

Don't you know?

After you uploaded your video in Youtube, immediately public can view it, why not, you using a Youtube method to promote your blog link?


It is very simple , Just capture your blog photo or capture a movie about your blog and upload it

Top Raking Video Hosting

In Video description section remember put your blog link first after that your video description , because in this method you can see your blog link appear first

Use a tag description in single word not with comma
Funny video cash and free affiliate crazy video sexy webcam bla bla bla........etc
this tag will become your keyword for public to search it , use as many you want (( for Youtube)

For Metacafe just put your desire keyword

Example of mine ( in picture)

Click to enlarge
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Example of mine ( in You Tube video )

Example of mine ( in metacafe video )

Internet Wealth Code - For more amazing video clips, click here

Now what you do just wait someone to view your video , edit the comment , that all it is very simple

What software use to making video capture?
just search in Google - keyword is Snagitt, Camtasia , Video Capture software or go to to find a free or shareware

Good Luck

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